Pretenders to Photo Contest

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Contest Rules
The voting for 6 contest photos begins at 4 am (Moscow time) and lasts 24 hours. Right after the vote the photos showing the best scores will be rewarded with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively. If there is more than one photo getting the same score the photo with a higher rating wins. If, upon completion of the contest, there are less then 6 photos in the queue for the next contest, the next vote is postponed to the next day. Otherwise the next contest begins right away.

The final vote for the Best of the Month nomination is held on the last day of each month. Those photos that won the 1st places during the month participate in the Best of the Month contest whilst the later ones participate in the Best of the Year contest. Please note, the Best of the Year contest is held on December 30th. Top 5 photos of the month and top 3 photos of the year are marked as the best photos. A year winner is praized as the Best of the Best photo.

To make a vote, please mark just 3 photos you've liked the most.

Only registered users having more then 6 photos published are allowed to vote.

There is no contest at the moment. Please come back later.

Voting | Winners | Rating | Pretenders